Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We miss you Kristi, Angel, Dori & Rhonda!

This year was our 10th annual friend party! Except we were missing 4 families! Dori, Angel, Rhonda, and Kristi's families! They have all moved away and are now traitors!! Traitors who I love and miss! At least we MIGHT have a reunion in 4 weeks! Rhonda is coming from Hawaii and Dori is coming from Utah! Hooray! We are missing 16 kids in this picture! So sad! At least the Tassainers and Larsons were there!
Our very 1st Halloween party was so fun and crazy that I went into preterm labor the next day with Madey! I had to stay in bed for 6 weeks after that! Jen sure knows how to throw a good party!


Rogers said...

Believe me We sure did miss out! Halloween just wasn't the same for us either. At least you had Larson's and Tassiners! the rest of us have to start new traditions and that is hard to do we really liked the old traditions! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!! p.s. I did update my blog today so ck it out!

Larson's said...

Stac, I love your blog. Between you and Dori you have both had me in tears. I miss everybody so much. I am so glad we have each other. Great blog!

Rhonda said...

Hey Stac,

I love your blog it is so cute. We missed you all too so very much. This is the 2nd Halloween without you all and it stunk again. Someday maybe we will all be back together again. I may be knocking on your door for a place to stay for a day or so when I am home in December. I can't wait to see all of you!! Love you tons!

Jennifer Tassainer said...

Stacey you got some great pictures. We had fun but man did we miss the rest of the gang! It's just not the same without everyone! We miss you guys!