Thursday, February 5, 2009

It can not be FEBRUARY!

I am so behind on this blog! But for the sake of my kids and a future scrapbook, I have got to catch up! December was crazy, but it was fun crazy! We had so many fun parties and family activities, I am sad to be back to "real -life"! I have way too many pictures that I want to post!
Today Brinley said the funniest thing,that I just have to record! I was getting her ready for Joy School, and I told her that I was going to miss her so bad when she was gone. She looked at me and said in a REALLY monotone voice,"You will be just fine." I just started laughing! She keeps me on my toes!


sharlee said...

Your blog looks so cute--good to have you back!
Brinely's comment was so funny. You just never know what they're thinking.

Rogers said...

cute Brinley. She has the sweetest personality. When we have talked I have been meaning to ask you about the site that makes a blog into a book.

Amy Jones said...

That girl is independence personified. Whoa! :)