Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Madey!

Christmas 2000!
Madey and her favorite cousins Emma & Ellie at the Polar Express in Williams, AZ.

Easter of 2001! I was pregnant with Ethan & so excitted!

Christmas 2000!

Madey's Baptism 2006
Our Sweet Madey is ten today! She said it is her golden year. Ten on Dec. 10th! She is so cute! We are so thankful to have her! I am so lucky to be her mom! She was worth the tearful wait!
Rob and I are especially thankful that she is feeling healthy again and back to her happy self! Last Tuesday I got a call from the school nurse. She said that Madey was in her office & that she just didn't look right. She paused and said, "I think I am going to call 911! I said "What?!" I was shocked! (Little did she know her teacher had already called 911.) To make a REALLY LONG story short, Madey had passed out in class and was basically disoriented for a little while. By time I got to the school she was lying on a bed in the nurses office with 6 or 7 firemen standing around her. (she was hating it!) They were testing her blood, listening to her heart, and asking her questions to see if she was coherent. I couldn't believe it! (That morning she said that she was tired, but she had no fever, no cough, no signs of being sick at all. ) I told her that she could stay home but she wanted to go to school). Anyway, one of the firemen thought that she had some sort of obstruction in her chest, so they loaded her up onto a stretcher & off we went to the hospital! I have never riden in an ambulence before and I hope I NEVER do again! It was scary! She had all sorts of tests done at the hospital, an EKG, blood work, Xrays, you name it. She kept changing colors. First she was white, then yellow, then pink the white again. It was crazy! She finally got a breathing treatment and then she pepped up right away! She just couldn't breathe! They found out that she had bacterial pneumonia in her right lung. The doctors kept thinking that it was more, but after 4 hours of watching her, stay a "normal" color they were convinced that she would be fine. What a night!
I forgot to mention that all of this happened right as school was ending. So every eye was on her as she was put into the ambulence, something that just horrified her! She does not like that kind of attention! (Brinley on the other, would have loved it!) She has really appreciated all of the concern and sweet attention that her friends and our family have shown her though. She knows she is loved! Thank goodness you are safe in your bed tonight Madey!(& breathing perfect again!) WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!


Rogers said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADEY!!! You are so loved and we were all concerned. when I got back from Arizona first thing Ashley asked was how is Madey doing? We love you and are so glad your doing better.

Abby Runyan said...

Happy Birthday Madey! We LOVE YOU! You are so beautiful and so fun to be around. I hope some day I have a little girl like you.

I'm so glad things are better now. I'm laughing at the comment about Brinly loving the attention! To funny!

Melissa Resch said...

Oh Stacy that is so scary!! I am so sorry you had to experince that!! I am glad so is ok.. and wish her a happy birthday from hannah!! I need your address!!!

Mamacita said...

Happy Birthday Madey! So hard to believe you're 10. Glad you are feeling better. Must have been so scary for all of you. Weird that there was no fever with pneumonia.

Livingston Family News said...

Happy Birthday Madey! I hope your birthday was the BEST!

sharlee said...

Oh my Gosh! I'm sorry that you had such a traumatic day/night. I'm so glad Madey is alright. She is a beauty and I'm sure it shines from the inside out because she has such a special mom to pattern herself after.

Larson's said...

Happy Birthday Madey and Rob! Wow! I cannot believe Madey is 10, I remember when you were pregnant with her. What a great blessing she is!

Amy Jones said...

I'm SUPER glad that I can catch up with you on your blog!!! You're kids are adorable, Stacey...they're getting so big. I'm glad that things worked out with Madey's pneumonia. How scary! It was SO good to talk to you today. Love you much! :)

The Dale and Kris Shields Family said...

Oh my goodness Stacey, that must have been so scary!!!! Tell Maddie Happy belated birthday, and I am so sorry that she went through all of that!!! I hope you guys had a very merry Christmas too!!!!