Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Newport Beach 2008

Thank goodness for Tvs and Binkys! OH and Grandma's cudly blankets!
My cute Madey!
Garrett just loved the sand!

Brinley got worried when she realized she was right inbetween her two brothers!
She was trapped!

This is Garrett's moment of payback!
Sand anyone?

They had so much fun in these tide pools.

We went to Sea World with my parents and my brother Nate and his cute family. We missed the rest of our family so much!


Abby Runyan said...

You are already a PRO! It turned out so cute. Way to go. I love all the pictures. So fun to see the Newport trip! Seriously, LOVE them all.

Livingston Family News said...

I love love love all your pictures...your family is so cute...I love your kids....Love Ya...

Rogers said...

I can't believe you did more after I talked to you...go girl you are out doing the rest of us! Love Brinley covered in sand made me laugh. adorable family!

sharlee said...

Yee-flippin'-haw!!! You figured it all out! I am so proud. It is so fun to see your family. I have never seen your kids in real life so it is such a treat to be able to see how stinking cute they are (no surprise of course) and see what you guys are up to. Looks like you have had an eventful summer. You are more beautiful than ever!

Michelle Y. said...

Hooray for updating your blog! Watch out blogging is addicting :) I cannot believe how big Garrett is, I wouldn't even recognize him since last time I saw him. Let's get together soon, I miss you!

Mamacita said...

Stacey, this blogging thing is like six degrees of separation. If you click enough links you'll find someone's blog. It was great seeing you at church last month! Your kids are beautiful! To think I knew you when you only had one! My blog is griffiths7@blogspot